Welcome to the new Special Educational Needs Dot Com website. Like its predecessor, this site is dedicated to the promotion of inclusion, languages and the appropriate use of technology in education.

I have transferred most of the documents from the old site and added many new ones. The new site is a work in progress and the transfer process will continue through the coming months as time allows.

There are considerably fewer web pages to navigate in the new site. All documents can now be found in folders and subfolders where their opening pages may be browsed before loading the complete text. The web browser's back button must be used to return to the new website's home page.

Please take time to explore the new site and its folders and subfolders accessible via the links on the web pages. The old website evolved over more than a decade without a strong central structure and in response to annual priorities in my teaching and research. I built the new website over a period of months with a determination to create a simpler overall structure and to repair the many broken links that marred the old site.

I would like to thank my brother Dr Tom Wilson of Minneapolis who has hosted my site for more years than I care to remember. I could not have recreated my site in Google Sites without his encouragement and advice.